14 November 2019

2020: Kopihangtuah Blogs No More After 10 Years

kopihangtuah.blogspot.com reaches the end of 2019 soon and this milestone marks the 10 years of my blogging. I am tired of blogging. The sheer lethargy will suffice as a reason to stop blogging. In addition, 10 years is enough (2010 to 2019). I made a point to write 24 articles a year and this sums up to 240 articles cumulatively including this Good Bye note. I hope my readers have benefited a lot. I also hope that even though I have stopped blogging (effective from this post), there will be many more readers in the future to read the 240 posts. It has been a pleasure writing for all of you who don't mind reading about Art, Book Reviews, Culture, Documentary Reviews, Economics, Fiction, Health, History, Interviews, Literature, Greetings, Poems, Politics, Religion, Saving the Planet, Science, Short Stories, Technology, Travelling, my Memoirs as well as Random Thoughts; in both English and Malay. Let us all hope that 2020 onward, we will all live in peace and harmony and of course, this had to be said: You'll Never Walk Alone, Insha-Allah, Amin :)

14 November 2019
12.45 am
Shah Alam


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