13 August 2019

Feeling Annoyed with Things that Should be Made Simpler in Life (The Malaysian Context)

By Johan Ishak

1. Supermarket counters: The cashiers and/or packers at the supermarket counters lack simple cognitive ability to separate between food and chemical products, between frozen/wet and room temperatured items; and not to stack heavy items on top of soft items. In fact, they just throw everything into the plastic bag as maximum as possible beyond the strength of the plastic bag.

2. Airports: Having to take off shoes and belts during security checks prior to entering departure areas at airports seem to lack creativity. It is already near the dawn of 2020 and we are still incapable of having the technology to scan attires without taking them off? And we put a man on the moon? 

3. Government forms: Our National Registered Identification Cards (NRIC) has micro chips that are capable of storing loads of information. We use credit cards and bank cards when purchasing at the store and for that, do we fill in numerous forms for banking details? No! So, it is about time all Government ministries, departments and agencies use the same method the banks have used for the past 3 decades or so.

4. Free water: Human beings started life with simple bbq meat, raw vegetation and clean water thousands of years ago way before the invention of over priced Starbucks coffee or ridiculously sweet bubble teas. Yet today, when we dine in a high class restaurant, the answer to, "May I have water please?", is, "Sorry Sir, we don't serve water. You will have to buy bottled water, still or sparkling". Really?

5. Pirated products: The nation is represented by a huge majority of religion believers. Most, if not all of those religions, send the same message about the sin of thieving, stealing and the use of others' properties without consent of the owners. But hey!, we have millions of people subscribing to pirated web sites, illegal android boxes and counterfeited products. So, going to mosques, churches and temples ain't gonna give you the ticket to the heavens if you are still a hypocrite in this respect.

6. Toilets: Forgive me if you people are content with just wiping a dry uncomfortable piece of paper on your butt hole but surely, in a humanly right frame of mind, one should prefer a method that ensures effective elimination of shit smell, taste and physical form. So, is it not obvious that we need water? At least a baby wipe supply in the cubical would suffice.


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