28 February 2016

A Citizen Who Refuses to be a Zombie


I had recently found a very interesting facebook status on a personal political opinion of a fellow citizen. What is interesting is that this fellow has had his face share of supporting Anwar Ibrahim, Tun Mahathir and, now, Najib Razak. I think this is a very good example of a citizen who refuses to be a zombie in this modern social media age of Fitnah Akhir Zaman (Lies of the End of Days). For this, it is worthy and necessary for me to share the status here for all of us to reflect and digest. Here is the status:

In Malaysian politics, truth mostly sides with the government. No I'm not being biased. I'm being objective on each and every single issue whether you talk about economic policies or domestic politics. Take GST for example, the moment one rejects GST means that nobody should take him/her seriously. There are plenty of factual and empirical evidence suggesting that GST is a superior taxing system but no no, they prefer the obsolete system. 

Or in Anwar's legal case. There plenty of evidence to support that he was indeed guilty. Just look at the facts of the case, either from the forensic point of view, or from the legal processes point of view where he refused to be crosswitnessed in the courtroom or when he withdrew his long list of alibis when the prosecutor pulled out their CCTV proof. But no no, they prefer to worship him still. 

Take 1MDB case for example. What was it that they said about it first? They said 42b went into thin air. Too many people believed in that LIE just because it was said by a prominent statesman. Does fact matter to them? No. They have decided their belief from the very beginning. Now that it is crystal clear that the money did not dissappear, they changed the goal posts and came up with new alleagations. It's a never ending story. If 1MDB bought stationery without following proper corporate protocols, they would scream corruption as well. 

Take the 2.6b issue for another example. What was the first and earlier allegation? It was that the money that went into PM's account was from 1MDB. Upon investigations, it is now a fact that it DID NOT come from 1MDB but from the Saudi Royals even the Saudis admitted this and NEVER denied it. Do you think the Saudis are happy to let the Malaysian Government through AGC simply use the Royals tainted with scandals? And most people in Malaysia do not read books or news much. Thus their knowledge about geopolitics and international relations is very poor. They never knew how Latin America countries coup were funded in the 50s till 70s. They never knew how Egypt under Sisi was funded by Saudis as well. When this issue came out, I told everybody about my theory on the donation. I told everybody that it has something to do with the Ikhwanist vs Salafist issue, where the Saudis hate the Muslim Brotherhood. It's not only politics, it runs deep into theology as well. And how it is related to Malaysia. I told everybody that the money came from Saudi. Well, most didn't even understand what I was saying. 

Take Tabung Haji issue for another example. YB Rafizi has been telling half-cooked stories on how TH is going bust. Many depositors withdrew their money and lost their turn for Hajj while YB Rafizi himself has half a million ringgits in his account, unwithdrawn. The fools who believed in him still believe what they did was right. He picked on one of TH investments that is negative and portray as if the whole diversified portfolio as going down the drain. How malicious he is. He continued to attack TH saying TH had a corporate guarantee on THHE of RM 981 M. TH denied it. When people asked for the proof of the CG towards a bank entity or the contractors of THHE, he could not answer because there was none. TH like many corporate bodies would not lie, if they did they would be in a very deep trouble. A politician like Rafizi has a good reputation of lying. 

So lies after lies. Truth is clear for those who have clear knowledge and the most important thing of all, CONSCIENCE. Truth must not be blinded by blind support towards anybody be in Anwar, Tun M or Najib. I was a very strong supporter of Anwar, then Tun M. I withdrew my support from both of them when they did wrong. If Najib does something wrong in the future, I would withdraw my support as well. Simple as that.

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